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The name of our IRC channel is #tcs-fika and it's running on Quakenet, so connect e.g. to As its name suggests, it's not very work related. Its main aim is practicing Swedish but even perfect Swedish speakers are welcome.

There are many clients out there, I'm sure you can find a good one for your operating system. mIRC and XChat are probably the most popular and should cover most operating systems. You can also connect via webchat, just enter your nickname and "#tcs-fika". But the Real Men™ run irssi under screen.

Observera att vi bara pratar svenska, tyska, engelska, spanska, klingon, slovakiska eller TFL# i kanalen. Vi snackar inte arbete!



The tcs-fika language for the irc channel (TFL#) is a proposed standard (see section changes to this specification) for making conversations on irc more efficient, convenient and unambiguous. A cursory examination of a one month chat history disclosed a high potential for improving the communication process of TCS members. By using at most four characters per expression, TFL# will drastically reduce network traffic, help saving the precious time of communicating with peers (which can be reused for research instead) and aggravate the risk of misunderstandings leading to embarrassing situations, chaos and mischief.

basic expressions

!	it's lunch time! / it's 1445 (trivial statement, may be omitted)
?	will anybody have lunch / join for fika now
a	yes
~	maybe
n	nej - no
l	I have lost the game (if clear from context, Lukas may omit this)
b	Where is my ball?
tldr	too long, didn't read (mandatory answer to "natural" language comments exceeding the four character limit)
näds,svkgtb nu är det soligt, så vi kan gå till balkongen
\	I have made a typo

more sophisticated conversation terms

-0xN	we are N minutes late! (N being a hexadecimal number of minutes)
-	we are late and I don't like hexadecimal numbers
+	I am in / I like this / I am hungry / I am dying for a coffee
+N	me, too (N > 1! Using "+1" violates a google copyright)
h	här - I will have lunch / fika here
u	ut - I will have lunch outside / want to have fika outside
::::	I am coming in 15 minutes.
.:.:	I am coming in five minutes.
..::	I am coming in three minutes.
...:	I am coming in one minute.
....	I am on my way!
s	this language violates the aim of practicing Swedish
blmn	börjar laga mat nu - I start cooking now

changes to this specification

Everybody having access to the wiki (including spam bots) is allowed to add extensions, remove expressions or make any other changes to this documentation. Users with contradicting opinions on certain issues are encouraged to start editwars. The authoritative language definition is the one shown by the wiki page at the moment of use.

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