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Several Swedish foundations provide grants for different purposes and audiences. The following is just a summary, which might be outdated. Please, visit the webpage of each Stiftelse and check the information. Last update: October/2014.


Stiftelsen Olle Engkvist Byggmästare

  • Application: Year-round
  • Decision: Up to three months
  • Criteria: scientific research
  • Value: Between 15K to 400K SEK/year - Up to two years
  • Restriction: Overwhelming majority of issued grants to be allocated to scientific research.
  • Remarks: The standard is to apply for a two-year project, describing all costs such scholarships.

Sven och Dagmar Saléns Stiftelse

  • Application: Year-round
  • Decision: January
  • Restriction: Just for human sciences
  • Criteria: teaching and research
  • Value: 250K SEK/year
  • Remarks: Must have a PhD. The foundation targets young researchers. Grant is up to two years.

Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden

  • Application: Oct 1st to Jan 15th
  • Decision: Late April / Early May
  • Criteria: Humanities, natural sciences, art and literature, and adult education.
  • Value: Between 15K to 40K SEK
  • Remarks: Grants are not given to the financing of private education.Just apply to Computer Science in case of cross-discipline research.

Johan och Jakob Söderbergs stiftelse

  • Application: Feb 1st
  • Decision: May 31st
  • Restriction: For natural sciences, law, economy, medicine or culture
  • Remarks: Just apply to Computer Science in case of cross-discipline research.

Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse

  • Application: Dec 1st to Feb 1st
  • Decision: Jun 22nd
  • Value: Not specified
  • Purpose: Charity, Literacy, Research, Artistic activities, studies in secondary and higher level.
  • Restrictions: For training and study grants given only to individuals for study at Swedish institutions.
  • Remarks: Grants are given only for short periods of study.

Magnus Bergvalls Stiftelse

  • Application: Sep 15th
  • Decision: Not specified
  • Restriction: Only Swedish citizens are eliegible
  • Value: 5K to 100K
  • Remarks: Only in exceptional cases the grants are awarded for researchers without the PhD.

O. E. och Edla Johanssons vetenskapliga stiftelse

  • Application: Sep 30th
  • Decision: Not specified
  • Value: 25K to 150K year
  • Criteria: Scholarships for research, preferably in science, engineering and medicine.
  • Remarks: Are normally given to postdoctoral researchers and not for study and travel.
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