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Department Level Mailing Lists

The followings are mailing lists of the Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) department. They all exist at

  • tcs-staff, to all employees at TCS
  • tcs-doktorander, to PhD student at TCS
  • tcs-faculty, to permanent professors and researchers at TCS
  • tcs-seminars, to seminar list open for any interested in TCS seminars


Editing: Please ask Marc Vinyals (vinyals at kth) or Karl Palmskog (palmskog at csc) if you need changes made to one of these lists.

School Level Mailing Lists

Following mail aliases exist, all at

  • programansvarig_cs_phd, to program coordinator
  • programrad_cs_phd, to program council
  • handledare_cs_phd, to supervisors
  • doktorander_cs_phd, to PhD students (contact Marc or Pedro to add/remove addresses here)
  • doktorsprogram_cs_phd, to all involved

Access: /misc/mailadm/mlist/doktorsprogrammet/, owned by mfd

Furthermore, for PhD students there exists

  •, for all PhD students at the CSC school (HT2014 Francisco ViƱa was in charge to add/remove addresses)
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