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Desktop hosts

Every employee has either a laptop or a small computer (nettop).

Accessing e-mail

You are given two accounts, and It is strongly recommended to use your CSC account, because there have been problems with central accounts.

All the information regarding e-mail is at the CSC webpage:


If you want to use printers from your own devices (on the nettops all printers are pre-installed), you can use the following network printer URI:


where PRINTERNAME is the name written on the printers, e.g. lwnum, lwc2m2, lwnalen, lwplan5color.

Accessing hosts remotely

Remote host access is done over ssh. In addition to your desktop machine, you can try:

  •, runs Ubuntu and works well

Note that since we use Kerberos, ssh keys are not supported for logins, so you'll need to do password logins or setup Kerberos tickets.

More information from the systems group. You will find there information about Kerberos.

Problems with sftp/scp

A common cause could be that some path is not set up correctly for non-interactive shells, or that your login scripts print something. See [1] for slightly more information.

Computer-intensive jobs

For computer-intensive jobs, there is a shared machine called (which is rather old, and not particularly swift anymore). tray is a much better option currently, as long as you load it in a nice way, since tray is being used as a desktop machine.

Another option is to try to get computer time at PDC.

Contact person

The group has a contact person for computer matters, and that is currently Guillermo Rodríguez Cano.

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